Picture of the Week: Lil Wayne naked Ass


Picture of the Week: Lil Wayne naked Ass

30 Jul

Yes, aka Weezy from YMCMB / Young Money Ent goes hard on stage by showing his thru a special type of boxershorts/ slip.

Lil Wayne tried to make something favor:

Now he tried to set a new boxershort/ slip style, but something was getting wrong… or not?


I saw this Naked Ass Lil Wayne Photo on Twitter

And hell yeah, I was laughing at Weezy!

Oh Naaaw I was not jealous at him because this was a hilarious thing. I know these types of boxershort/ slips and I know that football players always used these kind of.

Anyway People and freak out Groupies will love to see Lil Wayne naked ass Photo capture lol.

Lil Wayne naked ass

I guess… no… I know… that the folks and groupies try to copy dat shit.

But even when they don’t pull up their pants, Mammuthanull people will smelling some shit or something like that haha.

I can’t wait to see or find some copycats trying to fake his style.


What do you think? Would you guys wear these kind of slips???

Is that homo or just a simple lifestyle??? Lil Wayne naked ass on stage.

Haha… okay… the fellaz will hate… but the ladies will love this I think, anyway… Lil wayne is rocking a new shit and maybe many stores will order this kind of apparel to make more money lol, so get ya ass up to buy these new type of SWAGG #ROFL.


I guess next time you will hear a lyric line:

"Ma name is Lil Wayne and I like that fellaz google Lil Wayne Ass to find me ruuuuush."

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Picture of the Week: Lil Wayne naked Ass